Bobby Frasor is a Golden God!

Continuing our UNC-themed week here at RTC, we came across this photo of presumptive Heel point guard doing his best Russell Hammond of Stillwater routine at a local house of fraternage. Also check Psycho-T’s stance immediately behind and to the left of Frasor (getting wrapped up by some TarPoon).

(h/t 850thebuzz)

Far be it from us to wax medical on the proper rehabilitation of an injury, but Frasor tore his ACL in late December and appears ready to take over the reins of point guard from Ty Lawson, who himself is testing the waters (shameless plagiarism, we know).

Update: Tyler Hansbrough got into the I’M ON DRUGS action as well…

(h/t DukeDevilsBB)

Just remember, folks, the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we’re uncool…


8 Responses to Bobby Frasor is a Golden God!

  1. chuckandbob says:

    If he can jump off buildings, I can guilt-free say that Frasor going down on that ACL blow out was fantastic footage. Must’ve watched that replay 17 times.

  2. […] seen yesterday at Rush the Court with 850 the Buzz, some Carolina basketball players spent the end of the semester blowing off some […]

  3. wiley says:

    Hopefully Hansblow landed on his face. It would be an improvement for Mr. SuperCuts.

  4. dougie says:

    They are still college kids don’t worry .The Heels will win in HANSBROUGH INDOOR STADIUM (since he dominates over there )and senior night at the Hill you guys don’t stand a chance .Who knows that maybe RatFace jumping into a pool if he don’t figure out a way to beat the HEELS

  5. […] That should change next season unless Hansbrough and company break their necks in one of those frat house pool dives they enjoy.  […]

  6. cristina says:

    this is my cousin jumping off this house and you know what, me in college as well at osu will say, WE ARE IN COLLEGE we just like to have fun. everyone should backoff and let him worry about his recovery himself, trust me he probably is.

  7. […] think Frasor’s and Hansbrough’s injuries may karmically have anything to do with this, do ya?  Nah.  Didn’t think […]

  8. […] opening loss to VMI and the absence of Tyler Hansbrough (and his fellow pool-jumping “Golden God” Bobby Frasor). This game will be more of a barometer for Kentucky than the injury-depleted Tar Heels. A Kentucky […]

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