Pics of the Night

If you’re expecting more Erin Andrews, you’re out of luck unless you want to check out the link (and we suggest you do). Tonight I will leave you with these pics that I found on a Texas A&M message board:

Forearm doesn't equal basketball

Another blown call

It’s a good thing that UCLA got away with it instead of Duke. If that had been Kyle Singler instead of Josh Shipp hacking Donald Sloan, the masses would be calling for blood.


39 Responses to Pics of the Night

  1. […] shot against Missouri in 1995. However, the Aggies had one last shot, but their attempt was “blocked” and Russell Westbrook finished the scoring with an emphatic slam that appeared to be after the […]

  2. WRG says:

    Between this at the Gtown game, depressing to see the refs’ indecision decide March.

  3. Brad Wesley says:

    If that was Kyle Singler instead of Josh Shipp hacking Donald Sloan, the refs would have called a charge on Sloan in that situation.

  4. AggieFan says:

    Wow….I think that the referee’s for that game should be asked to view these pictures in the last couple minutes of every game that they officiate… serve as a reminder to GROW A PAIR and make calls in the waning seconds of a game. Even if its against a “storied” program, a #1 seed, or a team plaing 30 minutes from their home court! Sure, I’m an Aggie fan, but mostly I’m a fan of good kids reaping the benefits of hard work….and Donald Sloan got cheated here.

  5. Ed says:

    Yeah, like there wasn’t a single other bad call that went in T A&M favor. Get over it.

  6. carlos says:


  7. uncle MO-MO says:

    Brutal, lets ask the officials what round they want UCLA advancing to and cut thru all of these blown calls.

  8. nvr1983 says:

    For the record, I don’t root for or against UCLA or A&M. I can’t speak for rtmsf, but I have never even set foot on either campus and have only seen UCLA while driving through LA on vacation.

  9. houstonag8506 says:

    …and this pathetic “no call” wasn’t as bad as the 2-3 other clear “hacks” that occurred during the last couple of minutes–that the cowardly announcers failed to comment on…other than praising Love for his “blocks”. BS!…plain and simple.

  10. SNUFFDIPPER says:

    i am not an aggie fan, but geez, that was baaad! I thought Duke was the only prima-donna team in the tourney. I haven’t liked UCLA since 1974, now I remember why.

  11. UCLA#1Fan says:

    Whaaaaaa!!! enough with the whinning AtM… Jezz I can name 5 or 6 calls in the first half that went against UCLA. The ref’s let you mug UCLA in the first half. Besides 1 play does not make a game. We shut you DOWN the last 11 minutes of the game. Why don’t you look at that rather than 1 stupid play.

    I know a lot of fans do not want the refs to decide a game in the closing seconds.

  12. KUFANinOK says:

    The refs have been doing that to KU for years when they play UCLA!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen a total lack of calls against a team like what happened to Texa A&M. How can anyone think that the refs did not win the game for UCLA? And it wasn’t one or two calls. I think in the last 10 minutes UCLA had a green light to hack at everything without a single whistle. The only thing that calms me is to think how texas will dismantle them. But to be honest I want them to get to the final game so that JayHawks can show them what a number one team looks like.

  14. UCLA#1Fan says:

    Should have know a KU fan would show up… word….CHOKE…cough’cough””

  15. Brewing Bruin says:

    A&M was 2 of 10 from 3 pt range and 3 of 7 from the line. Odds are they would have missed the last shot of missed a free throw to lose the game anyway. UCLA crushing defense won this game not the refs.

  16. SourGrapeSuckers says:

    So, did the refs make all lose Kevin Love jumpers at the end of the game, with defenses swarming him?

    Because, I tivo’d the game, and I haven’t been able to catch the refs sinking all those UCLA buckets THAT WON THEM THE GAME.

    Bad calls go both ways, in any game. The difference is the team that makes the shots in the clutch, with defenses swarming, usually wins. UCLA made the tough shots, UCLA won the game.

    Sorry if that bursts your bubble Texas A&M lovers and UCLA-haters…

  17. J says:

    this is the same way UCLA escaped with a win against Stanford and Cal. Sooner or later this will catch up with them.

  18. Neutral Party says:

    “UCLA crushing defense won this game”

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but that sure does look like some “crushing defense” to me. Nice job ref.

  19. Bob says:

    Lmao keep crying about one bad call, the entire first half and parts of the 2nd half were terribly officiated against UCLA. Get over it.

  20. Kyle says:

    Yeah UCLA’s crushing defense allowed A&M to be ahead for nearly the entire game, until the referees decided that you don’t actually have to touch the ball to be credited with one of the 10 or so “blocks” UCLA had in the last 10 minutes. Maybe 3 of those were actually blocks, Kevin Love is a hacking SOB.

  21. greg says:

    hahaha! crybabies! all of ya!

    honestly, the refs blew calls for/against both teams. there were several hacks against A&M that weren’t called either, but nobody will talk about those because they ain’t newsworthy. it was like that for the stanford/marquette game, which was also in anaheim. these same refs blew a bunch of calls in that one, too. basically, the refs just blew… but bad calls happen and if you play a solid game you won’t have to worry about losing close ones.

    and to whoever is talking about UCLA’s “crushing defense”, UCLA plays a physical style that is borderline for some people. deal with it; we’re in the playoffs for crying out loud. and to the other couch potato critic, the reason A&M was up wasn’t because they were breaking down UCLA’s D, it was because UCLA couldn’t throw a pea in the ocean.

    as said before there were bad calls all over the place; i can make an argument about the 2 points not even being a factor had other calls been made, but the short story in a poorly called game is simply that i’m glad that one went our way. maybe next time, Aggies.

  22. khandor says:

    Clearly a foul should have been called on the play.

    Would it have have a difference in the outcome?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    A & M would still have had to make both FT’s and then stop UCLA with 3+ secs left on the game clock.

    Either way … a tough loss for A & M and a quality defensive efforts by UCLA.

  23. Anymous says:

    Forget about this game. Can the Bruin’s fans explain the Stanford foul call and the Cal game. No. But look now, even if you do win the whole thing it is going to be tainted. That photo is going to be forever linked to you .

  24. Just a Fan says:

    For those refs that say, “I don’t want to determine the winner at the end of the game, YOU JUST DID!” Why not let the free throws decide?

  25. Beau says:

    The refs didn’t make the shots for UCLA great point. But what you’re completely glossing over is the fact that many of those “blocks” negated good offensive possesions by A & M, where they broke down UCLA’s defense and had the ball DIRECTLY under UCLA’s basket. Would the shots have gone in? Who knows. But please don’t act like UCLA earned this win. They got it, they move on, game over.

  26. Support the stripes! says:

    It looked pretty good in real time action. Keep in mind that the officials don’t get to take sanpshots of every play and review them frame by frame to see if (and how much) contact may have occurred!!! It is actually pathetic that people will waste time bashing officials based on photos from zoom lenzes and slow motion instant replay! Without seeing exactly what each official saw from his angle there can be no judgement made… so, all you people that are displaying such amazing basketball officiating IQ’s based on freeze frames please go buy yourselves some striped shirts and hit the court. Become an official and make the sport better if you are so good!

  27. Anonymous says:

    just because the officials missed calls earlier does not give them the right to miss this call, it happens, but just cuz they screwed up earlier, doesnt mean they can screw up now.

  28. […] kind of game that UCLA enjoys playing. We still can’t figure out if all of these close and seemingly miraculous wins for UCLA in the past few weeks are because they’re simply the better team or if they’re […]

  29. JohnM says:

    Don’t cry about, these things always even out. Make your FT’s and your there. End of story. Grow up, I might add.

  30. Calvin says:

    Jeese all you ucla fans that talk about the “5 or 6” calls that should have happened in the first half should shut up. if you even look at it there were 14 fouls called in the first have and it was split dead even 7-7 on each team they were letting the teams play in the first half and calling the game quite fairly. it was also almost dead even in the second half. However a hack from two players where donald sloan was mauled in the lane going for a potentially game tieing lay up a no call is unacceptable. They should have allowed him the opportunity to tie it up on the line and send it to overtime. as for the stupid free throw comments…..they didnt call they foul dudes…..thus we didnt get the opportunity for free throws…..

  31. Anonymous says:

    Should that call have been made? Yes

    Should other calls have been made? Yes

    Does this work out to where if you play good D and gather some momentum, calls may go your way? Yes

    Plus, if your hand touches the ball first before sliding down to the wrist, it’s easier to make a no-call. One picture cannot show if that was the case. Let’s move on!!

  32. […] round against Texas A&M. In the end, they survived with some timely shooting from Love and a little help from the stripes. One of the concerns for the Bruins is that while their Ben Howland-designed defense has been as […]

  33. Donald Sloan says:

    “make your FT’s and your (sic) there”…

    Um, ok. Give me the chance. Being 3-of-7 from the line prior to that travesty non-call doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have been 5-9 for the tie. Thats absurd. How about… “let Sloan try 2 FT’s and you’re there”?

    If he misses one…THEN you can say UCLA “won” that game.

    5-5 is hard enough, but 5-8 is near impossible.

  34. Neutral says:

    Clearly a foul even before these stills proved it.

    But…part of the game is knowing that the ref isn’t gonna call anything on the last play. Pull up for the spot jumper or the Kevin Love fall-away.

  35. Teach says:

    Please check out Xaviers loss to Duke in the elite 8 in 2004. X dominated the entire first 30 minutes of the game and then Coack K got involved. My buddy called me and told me it was coming based on previous experience. Our center was gone in 30 seconds.

  36. Horribilis says:

    Texas A&M was doing exactly what a team with the lead needs to do…take to their big guys down low and go for the the 2-pointers in the paint and/or draw fouls from Love. The last 10 mins of the game, that was the A&M strategy, but it didn’t work out because Love was HACKING and th refs weren’t calling it PERIOD. Granted, he had a few clean blocks, but man many/most were forearm slams. Had the refs called the game inside like they should have, then UCLA wouldn’t have gotten close at the end, and the final play no-call on Sloan wouldn’t have been an issue. So you guys saying that the last play didn’t lose the game for A&M, you are right…it was the entire final 10 mins of no-calls that cost A&M the game. You can say that A&M shoulda changed their strategy if they weren’t getting the calls, but who in the he11 has ever heard of utilizing permiter shooting to maintain a lead?! That is ridiculous…you take it to the paint for the deuce or the foul, and maintain. Too bad the refs ruined a great game.

  37. Tripp says:

    This responds to J’s criticism of the Bruin regular-season wins over Stanford and Cal.

    UCLA vs. STANFORD — Should the foul have been called on Collison’s last-second shot? Probably not. But it was a perfect example of the officials’ unwritten rule about “make-up calls.” At the other end of the floor, when Stanford scored the go-ahead bucket, Stanford ABSOLUTELY should have been called for a charge, thus negating the go-ahead basket. Since the zebras missed that call badly, they made up for it with a ticky-tack call (substantial body contact below an otherwise-clean block) on Collison’s shot. (Plus, Collison still had to hit two clutch FTs.)

    UCLA vs. CAL — Should the officials have disallowed Shipp’s over-the-corner-of-the-backboard shot? Maybe; maybe not. First off, the officials acknowledged that they couldn’t see clearly whether or not the ball crossed over the corner of the backboard. When they don’t have a clear view of a violation, they simply can’t make the call. [Change the situation — would you prefer that a team LOSE a game because a “good” or “legal” shot (i.e., one that did NOT catch the corner of the backboard) was disallowed??] Secondly, the over-the-backboard rule was not created or implemented for shots like Shipp’s; it was created to prevent inbounding teams from tossing the ball over the backboard for a non-defendable alley-oop to a taller player starting under the rim on the inbounds-play. At the very least, this is a letter-of-the-rule versus spirit-of-the-rule distinction and allows for some discretion in the officials’ calls. Even if the official HAD seen the ball go over the corner, he might have recognized the distinction and appropriately swallowed his whistle.

    REGULAR-SEASON GAMES vs. NCAA TOURNAMENT GAMES — Besides, J, UCLA was tourney-bound with or without those wins, so harping on non-calls in non-Madness games only makes you sound like a sour-grapes whiner. Enjoy the madness for what it is and leave the belly-aching to the involved schools’ ADs. Peace.

  38. […] West: So we got this game wrong. Out of all the #1 seeds, UCLA appeared to be the most vulnerable during their march to San Antonio. The Bruins looked very beatable between their drubbing of Mississippi Valley State in the 1st round and their beatdown of Xavier in the Elite 8. The one constant for the Bruins during the entire tournament has been Kevin Love, who has made himself several million dollars during this tournament if he decides to leave after this season. While everybody else on the team had at least one horrible game, Love showed up every night and is the reason that UCLA is in the Final 4. This didn’t hurt either. […]

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